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QUIVERS is the Isle of Wight’s best kept regret. QUIVERS is a stand up comedian, songstress, host, DJ, and a general buffoon, who is here to risk all remaining dignity to make you laugh and bring you some joy.

Drag Idol UK semi-finalist (*ehem*) QUIVERS' live shows include all sorts including live songs, comedy, puppetry, characters, and original songs. 


You can guarantee you’ll get a show from QUIVERS, whether you want it or not...

Reviews from QUIVERS’ live shows:

  • “The dog’s b***ocks” - Baga Chipz

  • "Awesome, witty, naughty"

  • "A camp riot of songs, silliness, and sass"

  • "My cheeks hurt from laughing"

  • "A camp riot of songs, silliness, and sass"

  • "Sickeningly exciting"

  • “Guaranteed hilarity”

  • “Funny, entertaining, great at getting the crowd involved!”

  • “Not only did I laugh so hard that I nearly peed…I was insulted, it was un-PC, it was random and it was inclusive! It was EVERYTHING a class drag show should be! And I was SOBER! Cannot WAIT to see you in the show again!”

  • “Hilarious, talented, amazing!”

  • “I've not laughed so much in a long time”

  • “Quivers provided the best night I’ve had in sooooo long!”

  • “High energy, filled with so much laughter, singing,  dancing, and a huge amount of crazy”

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